Standard MQTT protocol

The standard MQTT protocol can directly connect hundreds of smart devices such as smart switches, smart door locks, smart lighting, sensor security, etc., and is also compatible with various ZigBee and LoRa gateway accesses, making it easy to build a complete smart home system.

Lower cloud latency

EMQ X Cloud can be deployed in multiple availability zones around the world. The closer your data infrastructure and equipment are, the faster the data transmission speed. The faster the data transfer, the faster you can respond to consumer actions.

State awareness and data channel

Through Hooks and the rule engine, the terminal status can be easily synchronized to the database, and the business situation is clear at a glance; the control instructions are delivered to EMQ X Cloud through MQTT, REST API or message queue channel for zero error delivery.

Use Apache Kafka to process massive data

Apache Kafka is known for its ability to process large amounts of data with low latency. You can dynamically configure the IoT data in EMQ X Cloud to be sent to the Kafka service on the cloud, and you can batch process your cold data for later analysis.