Fully managed MQTT 5.0 service in one click

EMQ X Cloud helps you deploy MQTT cluster on cloud platform of your choice. We automates the resource allocation, environment setup, service deployment and scaling so that you could focus on building your IoT product.

Message Distribution and Persistence without Writing Code

With the rule engine, you can persist messages to various types of databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, ClickHouse, etc. without writing code. You can also stream messages to other messaging servers such as Kafka, RabbitMQ, Pulsar, etc. through the rule configuration.

Monitoring and Automated Operations & Maintenance

EMQ X Cloud provides a fully functional service monitoring and alerting mechanism to meet your daily operation and maintenance needs. We also provide up to 24/7 technical support services worldwide.

Why EMQ X Cloud


Full support for MQTT protocols

MQTT v3.1, v3.1.1, and v5.0 are supported, and MQTT over WebSocket is supported.

Cloud native MQTT service

EMQ X Cloud install and manages MQTT broker for you. Scaling & upgrading your service is done by just a button click.

Secure for data

EMQ X Cloud runs MQTT service with enterprise-grade security. It supports TLS/SSL as well as various ways of authentication and authorization.

Data persistence and bridging

EMQ X Cloud supports integrating with most popular data stores, data analysis systems and message queues such as Kafka, Pulsar, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, ClickHouse, RabbitMQ etc.

Pay as You Go

To save your cost, EMQ X Cloud supports Pay-go model. You are only charged based on your usage of the service.

High availability

EMQ X Cloud provides complete service monitoring capability, which can detect service abnormalities and automatically recover from most failures. The simultaneous multi-availability zone clustering deployment provides high availability and failover support for both Professional and Unlimited plans.

Freedom to choose your cloud provider and region

Learn more about our plans and the available regions on our pricing page.
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Pricing & Availability


Smart Home
Vehicle To Everything
Artificial Intelligence
With home as the platform, connecting millions of terminals, electrical appliances, and buildings, integrating automation and intelligence, the flexible expansion of EMQ X Cloud will support your innovation and create customers an efficient, comfortable, safe, and convenient home environment.
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Intelligent connected cars have extremely high requirements for the stability and reliability of data transmission. EMQ X Cloud Provides a cloud-side collaboration solution that can support the secure and stable access of tens of millions of vehicle data. And through the rule engine, real-time data processing and distribution can be performed while supporting high-throughput data.
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Data is the core of artificial intelligence applications. EMQ X Cloud provides cloud-side collaboration solutions. Based on the expansion capability of edge stream data processing, it supports complex artificial intelligence algorithms. It also provides cloud-based data collection and processing rules and manual labor. Remote management and push capabilities of intelligent algorithm models.
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Petroleum and power grid production and operation rely heavily on data collection and transmission stability. EMQ X Cloud can easily cope with the growth of business scale and provide a highly reliable, fast, and elastic access platform and data platform.
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Closely connect and integrate equipment, production lines, and factories to reduce costs and increase efficiency through automated and intelligent production methods. Seamlessly integrate the EMQ X Neuron industrial gateway, supporting one-stop access to dozens of industrial protocols.
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